June 2020, Oklahoma, USA – Wolverine Oilfield Technologies has successfully completed another field run of its 4 3/4" push-the-bit Rotary Steerable System and the Neutrino™ Ultra High Speed Telemetry. The primary objective of the field trial was the qualification of the pilot series design for commercial field tests.

The Rotary Steerable Tool recently completed another successful run by drilling 1299 ft. in Oklahoma. The RSS was used to build a curve from 12 to 50 degrees and demonstrated the ability to hold 5.5-6.5 degrees per 100 foot build rates. The system was also able to receive 7 bit downlinks without failure.

The Neutrino™ MWD and Pressure During Drilling (PDD) sensors were successfully run in conjunction with the RSS in a trial job. The Neutrino™ MWD provided 2, 3 and 4 bit/sec data without any loss of signal.

The commercialization of a new rotary steerable system and a high-speed telemetry during 2020 will permit operators to achieve the ultimate goal of complex well trajectories and well placement at optimized cost.

About Wolverine Oilfield Technologies

Wolverine Oilfield Technologies is a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited specializing in LWD/MWD/RSS technology products. Research, development & manufacturing of its own technology products is the basis of the company’s competitive advantage.