Drilling & Measurements

  • Drilling & Measurements

    Frontier International offers directional drilling, measurements, and logging while drilling services using the company's own equipment as well as geosteering services.

  • Measurements While Drilling


    High-Speed Telemetry

    • 6.0 bits per second standard data rate
    • Data rate can be adjusted via Downlink to optimize detection and battery usage
    • Future upgrade to 5.0 bits per second

    Proprietary Combinatorial Encoding

    • Transmits 40% more data than standard systems at the same pulse width
    • A massive array of parallel processing algorithms provides accurate and efficient pulse pattern recognition
    • Flexible pulse width and pulse spacing can be adjusted to handle any environment

    Noise Reduction

    • State of the art pump noise removal
    • Pump noise analysis determines health and efficiency of the pumps
    • Special filters remove surge & swab noise and baseline drift

    Unique Sync Pattern

    • Propriety sync pattern provides a much more accurate synchronization over traditional sync patterns while eliminating the possibility of early or late synchronization.
    • Synchronization is accomplished in the same amount of time as the industry standard sync patterns.

    Other Features

    • Parity can be placed on any or all data items to confirm data quality
    • Jitter statistics are logged to determine health of the pulser and downhole clock
    • Phased-locked loop maintains synchronization with downhole clock
    • WITS IN and WITS OUT compatible
    • Short collar algorithm
    • High sample rate data acquisition hardware
    • Ability to select pulse reference shape to fine-tune pattern recognition output



    Our MWD Pulsers offer high-speed mud-pulse data transmission allowing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the downhole environment, to optimize drilling programs and to take remedial actions when it matters the most: while drilling.


    Top Mount Pulser is designed to work with Neutrino™, our High-Speed Telemetry System. With Neutrino™ High-Speed Telemetry, Top Mount Pulser can deliver 4 times the speed of other MWD systems.

    R-Nav TOOL

    The Wolverine R-Nav tool provides continuous real-time inclination and azimuth while drilling to give the drilling crew the information needed to accurately position the well.


    • Real-Time Inclination and Azimuth measurements while drilling
    • Frequency of data transmission field programmable for the drilling environment
    • Increased drilling efficiency in the curves
    • Increased positional accuracy in laterals
    • Compatible with Neutrino High-Speed Telemetry and Pulsers
    • Proprietary algorithms ensure accurate rotational inclination and azimuth readings
    • Real-time Inclination and Azimuth easily ported to EDR



    The RMS D-Sensor provides a high quality advanced algorithms to subtract bias and scale factor errors from rotating measurements using total field and reciprocal compassing during rotation.


    • Rotating measurements based on 4 axes second harmonic fluxgate design combined with 3 axis quartz accelerometers
    • Rotating measurements calibrated and synchronized in depth and time to static measurements
    • Rotating inclination and azimuth
    • Tolteq / Enteq / GE SPI interface compatible design


    Our turbine generator is a multi BHA size configurable, probe-based bolt on for MLWD systems. Driven by drilling fluid the turbine generator provides power up to 175°C. Negating the need for expensive, short-lived and disposable batteries the turbine generator provides a reliable cost-effective solution to downhole power requirements. Fully integrated with APS, Geolink style MWD. “Retrievable/replaceable” flow sleeve option allows use on Tensor standard systems.

    PDD Sensor

    Real-Time & Memory MWD / LWD Service

    Service Applications

    • Real-time downhole hydraulics monitor
    • Real-time ECD monitoring and management
    • Annulus cuttings overload detection
    • Washout detection
    • Kick monitoring and control
    • Lost circulation detection
    • Mud motor performance and control
    • Mud rheology control
    • Optimization of hole cleaning
    • Formation fracturing/loss limitation
    • Air and underbalanced drilling well control
    • Nitrogen / Air mix control

      Measurements While Drilling

    • The Frontier MWD mud-pulse MWD telemetry system includes a gamma-ray logging module and is manufactured in Houston, TX (USA) in sizes ranging from 89 mm to 240 mm.
    • The EM MWD telemetry systems are manufactured in sizes ranging from 178 mm to 203 mm.

    MWD equipment is maintained, repaired, and calibrated in Repair & Maintenance Service Centers located in the USA.

    Directional Drilling
  • Logging While Drilling


    MFPWR Resistivity® is a spatially compensated, dual-frequency (2 MHz & 400 kHz), a dual spacing device designed for wireline-equivalent Logging-While- Drilling (LWD) services in all well types. Applications include geosteering, correlation, casing point selection, logging while tripping & reservoir evaluation.

    • Operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and provides real-time resistivity to surface via mud pulse or EM transmission
    • Quad Transmitter/Dual Receiver arrangement provides 16 individual resistivity measurements which are combined to produce 8 compensated measurements
    • 3 curves transmitted in real-time (user selectable)
    • 5 additional curves available from tool memory
    • Tools available in 3 ½ ‘’, 4 ¾ ‘’. 6 ¾ ‘’, 8 ¼ ‘’ & 9 ½ ‘’ sizes
    • Tools are powered by Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries which can be replaced at the rig site. Or by RMS/Strata Turbine Generator


    Our LNDC (Litho Neutron Density Caliper) Tool offers measurements of formation density, porosity, borehole caliper, and formation imaging that help to determine lithology, reservoir properties, and wellbore stability. When used with other formation evaluation measurements, such as gamma-ra and resistivity, as a “triple combo” service, will help to analyze the geological structure, evaluate oil/water saturation, and identify the type of hydrocarbons, reserves in place, and total recoverable hydrocarbons.


    • 4 3/4” COLLAR
    • Bulk density
    • Photoelectric factor (PEF)
    • Azimuthal density (16 sectors)
    • Apparent and corrected neutron porosity
    • Average caliper
    • Neutron/density measurements are corrected for environmental effects
  • Rotary Steerable System



    Our RST (Rotary Steerable Tool) was specifically designed to provide a cost-effective tool capable of producing complex well trajectories.

    The RST is a continuously rotating push-the-bit tool, utilizing mud powered electronically controlled thrust pads located close to the bit to create the steering vector.

    The RST is run with an integral stabilizer to allow it to be run in a variety of borehole diameters, and bottom hole assemblies.

    Full and continuous rotation will reduce stick & slip risks, will increase ROP and the quality of wellbore cleanout and will ensure an in-gauge wellbore for better log quality and faster casing and completion running.


    • Simple and robust
    • Fully rotating
    • Push-the-bit configuration
    • Thrust pads close to the bit
    • Mud-powered and electronically controlled
    • Adjustable stabilizer configuration
    • Compatible with numerous BHA configurations
    • Compatible with a mud motor BHA to increase ROP
    • Integration with any MWD system
    • Tool setup and control software
    • In-built GR & near-bit inclination module
  • Manufacturing

    • MWD spare parts – SMS Precision Tech, LLC (Houston TX, USA);
    • Wave propagation resistivity logging tools and turbine generators power pack for MWD/LWD systems – Remote Measurement Systems Limited (Aberdeen, UK);
    • High-speed mud-pulse telemetry system and LWD (Neutron Density), RSS equipment, dynamic inclination tools (R-Nav) – Wolverine Oilfield Technology, LLC (Houston TX, USA).

MFPWR Resistivity®

LNDC (Litho Neutron Density Caliper)

Rotary Steerable System

MWD Tool Kit