Managed Pressure Drilling

Level 1 – LowOPEX MPDTM Optimized Solutions

  • Managed Pressure Drilling

    Every year reserves become harder to recover requiring more complex and deeper wells. At times when economics and performance enhancement become vital, fit-for-purpose and scalable managed pressure drilling techniques can address a variety of challenges in modern drilling environments.

    At Frontier International, we push new frontiers in managed pressure drilling with our novel approach to system design. Our dynamic pressure control and managed pressure drilling techniques and solutions enable drillers to precisely maintain annular pressures both on land and offshore operations not only to prevent drilling-related problems but also to enhance safety and drilling performance.

    As global industry experts in managed pressure drilling, we turn a complex, confusing and expensive technology into a compact and robust configuration and provide an industry-proven portfolio of MPD solutions to reduce well-control risks, lower well-construction costs, enhance safety and performance. We improve the economics of the drilling operation and enable the industry to drill wells that were previously uneconomical while achieving performance enhancement and safety at an unparalleled cost.

  • MPD Equipment

    Frontier International offers a full range of cutting-edge pressure control products. Each hardware component is designed and selected for optimal system integration. We offer MPD Control Systems and Chokes, Rotating Control Devices, and other products to suit various applications. All our pressure control products are built and tested beyond industry requirements and applicable standards. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment is available for rental or sale.

    • LowOPEXTM MPD Control Systems
      • Minimum footprint and complexity
      • Patent-pending adaptive control system with no need for field calibration
      • Sensor redundancy with automatic fault detection
      • Automatic pressure relief and automatic recovery
      • Support for a wide range of equipment configurations without modifications
      • Open communication interface for easy integration
      • Customization and integration with multiple rig systems and third-party solutions
      • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting
    • LowOPEXTM MPD Chokes
      • Fast and precise electric actuation
      • Setpoint choke systems
      • Fit-for-purpose choke configurations
    • LowOPEXTM  Flow Meters
      • Coriolis meters
      • Cost-optimized options
    • LowOPEXTM  Rotating Control Devices
    • LowOPEXTM  Control Valves
  • MPD Solutions

    Frontier International offers unique LowOPEXTM  optimized MPD solutions to enhance wellbore pressure control across the entire well construction life cycle. Our MPD systems are scalable and capable of meeting a full range of operational needs. We deliver safer drilling in a wide range of common drilling issues and wellbore applications. By managing ECD and surface pressure we reduce risks associated with wellbore stability, ballooning, stuck pipe, and ensure early event detection and timely risk mitigation.

    We provide cost-effective, robust, scalable, right-sized LowOPEXTM  Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) solutions to determine the downhole pressure limits and manage the annular pressure profile.

    • Level 1 – LowOPEX MPDTM Optimized Solutions
      • Simple & Robust
      • Minimum Equipment & Personnel
      • Maximum Efficiency
      • Plug-and-Play Rig Integration
      • Remote Engineering
      • Low Cost
    • Level 2 – LowOPEX MPDTM Advanced Solutions
      • Simple & Robust
      • Minimum Equipment & Personnel
      • Maximum Efficiency
      • Full Rig Integration
      • Remote Engineering
      • Remote Troubleshooting
      • Enhanced Flow Rate Measurements
      • Seamless Operations
      • Low Cost
    • Level 3 – Traditional Solutions
      • Full-Scale Traditional MPD System
      • Complete Equipment Range & Personnel Available
      • Maximum Efficiency
      • Cost-Optimized
  • MPD Engineering & Project Management

    Frontier International delivers best-in-class engineering, on-site supervision, and technical support. Our in-house expert engineering team possesses extensive experience in dynamic control operations, planning, equipment design, and control system engineering. We analyze, plan, and execute MPD programs of any complexity to meet a full range of operational needs. We can work with and train your personnel to understand, design, and model a detailed MPD solution tailored to your project.

    Our team provides project management services that encompass all aspects of well construction to implement your solution, deliver unrivaled pressure control, optimize resources and apply the most novel techniques to help you drill faster, safer, and at the lowest possible cost.

    • MPD Engineering / Basis of Design
    • Training
    • Project Management
    • Supervision and Implementation
    • Event Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Incident Investigation
  • Technical Information

LowOPEXTM Equipment at Rig Site

LowOPEXTM Equipment at Rig Site

LowOPEXTM Equipment at Rig Site

LowOPEX MPDTM Equipment at Service Base

LowOPEX MPDTM Equipment at Service Base