November 2021, Houston, USA – HOUSTON – Wolverine Oilfield Technologies announced in 2020 the commercial release of the Zenith™ rotary steerable system (RSS) in response to our customer's drilling challenges and their ongoing investment decisions. This push-the-bit technology expands the limits of the directional drilling market by improving reservoir access while optimizing drilling costs with its unique integrated design.

"Zenith™ RSS technology enhances well trajectory and improves economics while ultimately reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary trips. The Zenith™ RSS is easily adaptable, enabling precise geosteering control or conversely high dog-leg requirements for drilling tangent and lateral sections in a single run. By utilizing a single integrated RSS and M/LWD assembly, mounted in a single '30-foot collar', reduces operational complexity and costs while enhancing well placement for any drilling scenario," said Michael Woods, Vice-President Wolverine Oilfield Technologies.

The company now adds the 6.75" Zenith™ RSS to its portfolio with successive deployments in multiple test wells in the USA. This diameter is in addition to the 4.75" Zenith™ RSS, commercially deployed with numerous wells drilled year to date.

During drilling the 8.5" hole section, the Zenith™ RSS built angle from 26.9 degrees inclination and 237 degrees azimuth to 92.5 degrees inclination and 254 degrees azimuth. A power section was added to the BHA at 43.2° inclination during the drilling process and completed the remainder of the hole section. The RSS operated with a maximum rotary speed of 215 RPM and 220 ft/hr ROP. Additionally, with both BHA configurations, high dog-legs were achieved.

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Wolverine Oilfield Technologies is a NewTech Services Holding Limited subsidiary specializing in LWD/MWD/RSS technology products. Research, development & manufacturing of its technology products is the basis of the company’s competitive advantage.