March 2021, USA — Wolverine Oilfield Technologies took part in Gibson Reports Virtual Rotary Steerable Event: Push It, Point It, Rotate It. The online conference brought together international oilfield services companies, operators, and industry experts.

Iain Cook, President North and South America Operations, Frontier International, spoke about the industrial challenges and how the new 4 ¾” and 6 ¾” push-the-bit Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS), designed by Wolverine Oilfield Technologies, a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited, answer those challenges.

The reliability of the new push-the-bit Rotary Steerable System was confirmed during successful field trials in the U.S.A and Russia during 2020. The commercialization of the new rotary steerable system during 2021 will permit operators to achieve the ultimate goal of complex well trajectories and well placement at optimized cost.

About Wolverine Oilfield Technologies

Wolverine Oilfield Technologies is a subsidiary of NewTech Services Holding Limited specializing in LWD/MWD/RSS technology products. Research, development & manufacturing of its own technology products is the basis of the company’s competitive advantage.

More details in the video presentation: